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More than just collectibles…Unlock passive income and investment opportunities! 

Unique NFTs representing real inspiring teens and other trailblazers that positively impact our world!

This collection helps fund real GenZ startups.

Which you (by holding the NFT) become an investor in!


When you mint your very own ‘Young Boss’ our algorithm will mix and match features to create your very own one-of-a-kind character.

Our Collection combines 180+ different features - from head to toe.

Customized Young Bosses NFT's with selections of headwear, clothing, accessories, and other unique add-ons.

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Collected more than 4 Young Bosses?
Keep your eye on our Discord & Twitter feeds...

... and a surprise could be headed your way! 


  Join Our League of Young Bosses to:

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By getting involved in our project, you’ll be supporting GenZ startups around the world. These realworld startups are built by GenZ founders. and by holding a Young Bosses NFT, you become an investor in them. 

Explore our roadmap, discovering the extra benefits, giveaways, and events as we celebrate our milestones. Earn rewards as we get closer to our final goals! 

Our creative geniuses will create specially designed Young Bosses merchandise from t-shirts to hoodies and everything in between. These will be available on our shop, with free drops to community members.

Own 4+ Young Bosses NFTs during the minting phases, and you may be surprised with free NFT drops. A range of competitions are also on the cards, so keep checking in.

Some of the NFTs will be 'passive income generating' tokens. This means that by holding these NFTs, you will be receiving a percentage of the royalties for the full collections sales each month. This is automatic and into your wallet!  

Our hand picked team of GenZ Brains, World Famous Designers, NFT Lovers and Startup Founders are working 24/7 to give you the most rewarding NFT collection! 


Pre-sale 1 > TBC
0.03ETH + Gas fees > (whitelist only) > 300 people, 5 mints per wallet

Pre-sale 2 > TBC
0.06ETH + Gas fees > (whitelist only) > 500 people, 5 mints per wallet

Public Minting > TBC
0.08ETH + Gas fees >
Fair distribution and no
bonding curve.

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